Steen's Catalog Errors or Economics?

Were STEEN'S catalog erros mistakes or were they just made because STEEN'S didn't want to pay for another photo shoot? This site thinks Steen's didn't want to pay for another photo shoot and type setting. And just because aTACO_44_logo swing arm changed from the Tube Swing Arms to Flate Plate Swing Arms it was still a TACO_44_logo. No need to update the picture. I'm sure John Steen never thought that anyone would still own aTACO_logo Mini Bike in 2008 and or care what the heck happen during manufacturing in the 1960's or 70's. But yes there are carzy people out there that do. And this web site is proof of this. So if you have a question or notice any inconsistencies in the catalogs or your TACO_logo's let us know. We will post it and maybe we all can decipher what happen back then. And remember we need photos of your TACO_logo's serial numbers and frames for all us to figure this out. So please email those photos.


This is an email from Chris Kallas 10.15.07:

Folks need to be warned about identifying TACO_logo's by the catalog photos and descriptions. STEEN’S many times would not update the photos and descriptions to identify the models. Examples: The 1970's later style frames/forks (wide frame/upper spring forks) seems to have came out sometime in 1969 (based on serial #'s) but the 1970 catalog still shows half the models with the older earlier style frames/forks (narrow frame/lower spring forks).

1970 to 1971 catalog


The 1969TACO_99_logo's in this registry is an example of this confusion.


STEEN'S : And if you look real close at the TACO_99_logo in the 1970 catalog picture the frame is the earlier Flate Plate Swing Arms. So is a T100 wide frame with 5" wheels a TACO_99_logo also? Yes it is . STEEN’S made three different TACO_99_logo models. The first model was a TACO_55_logo frame, but with a West Bend 820 and 5" wheels. The second model was the Flate Plate Swing Arms with a Briggs and Stratton 5HP. The third model was the Wide Frame, Lower Seat Mounts with a Tecumseh 4HP and 5" wheels.



Chris Kallas : I received a 1969TACO_44_logo for Christmas when I was young with the later style Wide Frame, Lower Seat Mounts. The 1969 catalog shows the Flate Plate Swing Arms


Wide Frame Swing Arm       Flate Plate Swing Arm

STEEN'S : Yes, the T100 Wide Frame, Lower Seat Mounts with a Tecumseh 3HP and 5" wheels is also a TACO_44_logo. This is based on brochures and serial #’s.


1972 brochure

So the T100 frame can be a T100‚ TACO_99_logo‚ and TACO_44_logo. Chris has figured out most of the serial # mystery. To find out more on serial #’s goto :




Chris Kallas : I currently have a 1967 TACO_44_logo that has the Flate Plate Swing Arms. The 1967 catalog seems to show the TACO_44_logo with Tube Jack Shaft Swing Arms.

    Swing_Arm_Jack_Shaft             Later_Swing_Arm

                                                Earlier style Tube Jack Shaft Swing Arms           Later style Flate Plate Swing Arm



STEEN'S : TheTACO_44_logo's Tube Jack Shaft Swing Arms did change to the Flate Plate Swing Arms some time in the mid 1967. There is an ad in mid 1967 that announces the new frame.


The catalog photo didn’t change until 1968 to the Flate Plate Swing Arms and the same Flate Plate Swing Arms photo was used all the way in to STEEN'S 1971 catalog, but the written description discribed theTACO_44_logo as the earlyTube Jack Shaft Swing Arms. The written description was not updated and didn't change until the 1971 catalog .



Chris Kallas : STEEN'S catalogs also seem to keep showing the bolt together (Burrito_logo & TACO_22_logo), frame after they stopped producing them.


STEEN'S : Production of the bolt together TACO_22_logo probably stop in 1966 based on serial #’s. STEEN’S catalogs from 1965 to 1969 show the bolt together TACO_22_logo although they were producing all welded frames by 1967.



Chris Kallas : I have a 1967 TACO_22_logo it's welded and also is an inch shorter than most 22's.The back tube where it comes up to meet the top tube is not flattened like most TACO_22_logo's.


I've seen a handful of others like this. It was also originally metallic blue instead of purple!

STEEN'S : This is a mystery. In the photo below there are three different TACO_22_logo’s with three different rear post welds. We need to start tracking serial #’s on TACO_22_logo rear post welds to try and figure this out.




The only way we can all figure this out is if we all share information based on what we know from what we have or had as kids.

Chris Kallas 10.15.07

STEEN'S : Nice work Chris!